Turn back the clock 10 years and get …


in your midlife years

A 6 months health & beauty mastermind for high-achieving women ready to sizzle with energy & confidence with

Age Reversal Expert, Larisa Petrini


Turn back the clock 10 years and get …


in your midlife years

A 6 months health & beauty mastermind for high-achieving women ready to sizzle with energy & confidence with Age Reversal Expert, Larisa Petrini


Ever wondered how some women look years younger than they are? Without surgery? In their +40’s?

It’s all in your genes.


Your DNA is unique and what you put in your body and ON it can accelerate OR reverse the signs of aging.

“Larisa is a true clinician in her field”

“A wonderful and gifted Age Reversal Expert always on the front lines of nutrition and health. Her work is focused on a balanced lifestyle, supported by science and research and her personality and enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She is a pleasure to work with, watch and learn from. I can’t say enough about the admiration I feel for Larisa.

Elaine Hausman, Video Performance Coach

“‘Larisa completely changed my life!”

“She was the best coach I ever had. Larisa reframed all my limiting beliefs, taught me how to cook in the healthiest way possible (never did it before) and take charge of my time and priorities. Today I am an empowered woman who knows what needs to be done to stay in shape and respect herself. She is my biggest source of inspiration.

Ana Vizitiu, Executive Manager

“Got out of depression and lost 20 kg in 6 months. Today I’m running marathons”

Before I worked with Larisa I struggled with weight, lack of ‘me time’ and sugar addiction. I was in the worst shape ever, afraid that I’ll always be a ‘chubby mom’.

Had 2 kids in 3 years, broke my leg then laid 3 months in bed, binge eating all the sweets I could see. I was close to depression.

Larisa changed my life and was by far the best coach for me. She helped me lose 20kg in 6 months, break my sugar addiction and switch my perception about food. Today I am running marathons…

Being under Larisa’s wing is an absolute no-brainer if you are ready to get back your best self ever! Hire her and prepare to be amazed.

Andreea Barta, Corporate Manager

If you are ready to say GOODBYE to:

  • Expensive anti-aging creams that promise it all, and give you nothing
  • Replacing breakfast and dinner with powdery + tasteless shakes #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  • Tea-Toxing your body ‘get slimmer + feel younger’ – YES, you CAN have that wine!
  • Celery Juice! (Just NO!)

And join the secret tribe of women who have turned back the clock on their DNA by unlocking their unique age-reversal-code.


Want to get showered with compliments + envious looks?

And have that ‘How DOES she manages to look like THAT?’ effect?

It’s time to stop wasting your best years following another fad, or worse, injecting toxic substances into your body.

It’s time to crack your ‘code’!

These GLOW’rious women went from hopeless, overweight and depressed to feeling confident and desirable again.

“Larisa came into my life at the exact RIGHT time”

“I needed a change but I had no idea where to start. Larisa came into my life at the right moment. She taught me how to take care of all the key factors responsible for my health from food to sleep, hydration and breathing. She won my heart with her warm and open approach. Today I’m confident and on the right track having all the tools needed for my health & wellbeing.

Laura Stan, Psychologist

Larisa changed my life & career!

I would not be who I am today without her. Larisa is an excellent mentor who walks her talk and exceeds her limits every day. She was  generous and caring with me. Today I feel confident, I take care of myself like never before and enjoy a different career path because of Larisa’s guidance.

Mara Balaban, Political Advisor

“Lost 22 kg, upgraded my personal style and went back to dating”

I had no idea how much will cost me to put myself last. Being overweight, emotionally down and over all out of control had a rippling effect on many other areas of my life such as finances, love life or selfcare.

I work with Larisa for 6 months now and I can say we achieved all milestones possible. I lost 22 kg, learned to eat healthy, put order in my finances and revamped my entire skincare regimen. Today I love and respect myself, I have full control over my life, I am full of energy & have strong boundaries.

Indira Abdulvoap, Entrepreneur

I know you have to wear so many hats and your needs get left behind. Even worse, when you try to put your health first, you are overwhelmed and confused with the amount of conflicting information out there.

Of course you are.

Everyday you are marketed with a new pill, treatment, magic potion or success formula on how to lose weight, look younger or feel healthy.

Influencers all over the world promote shakes, face yoga, creams + treatments. It’s overwhelming. And frankly it’s incorrect.

Of course you could put yourself under the knife, and get a nip-tuck.

I prefer to find out what’s going on inside your body and create a custom plan that doesn’t starve you, fold you into a pretzel or has you do unspeakable things to your butt. (I’m looking at you colonic cleansing!)


These GLOW’rious women won back their best bodies and became irresistible in their midlife years.

“I feel empowered, relieved, focused and full of self confidence”

Before working with Larisa I was trying all sorts of trendy diets available on the market.

I assumed I’ll have no time & energy for healthier habits. I was also sure is going to be very difficult.

Larisa made everything simple and friendly helping me to shed 12kg and regain a high level of energy throughout the entire day.

Today I feel empowered, relieved, focused and full of self confidence.

Goodbye procrastination. With a bit of effort, anything is possible. Stop wasting your time trying to find solutions on your own and hire a PRO. You will save time, money & lots of energy.

Mioara Bolozan, Executive Manager

“Larisa kicked my reverse aging process”

Larisa patiently and gracefully guided me through my journey towards a more good looking, healthier and happier 40+ me. The genomic report Larisa used helped me lose weight and also upgrade my healthy lifestyle, change my beauty regimen and truly start a reverse aging process that includes minimal invasive procedures and efficient slow aging treatments. Thanks to her, today I am a happier version of myself.

She knew how to keep me motivated in a friendly and personal way. She is the right person to go only if you really want to transform your life.

Delia Oprean, Entrepreneur

Want to learn the secrets to staring at yourself in the mirror with that ‘Yep, still got it!’ factor?’

Hi. I’m Larisa

I am an Age Reversal Expert known for turning back the clock 10 years.


I‘m specialized in non-invasive reverse aging programs tailor made for you. YES, just for you! Because your DNA needs a unique approach.


Hundreds of high achieving women have sought my help to get back in shape, overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin and deal with moods and hormonal imbalances.


Without plastic surgery or exhausting beauty regimens.


I studied Health, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress with Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Christine Northrup, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mehmet Oz and others like them at some of the leading health schools across the world such as Institute for Integrative Nutrition from New York, Cornell University, Spencer Institute and Precision Nutrition.


Today I work with celebrities and physicians from Switzerland, Netherlands and US.

“Felt like a rock-star!”

Before joining Larisa’s program I suffered from insomnia, stress and had no energy. I was trying different meditation apps and never believed I can turn it around quickly.

Larisa helped me fix my sleep, set boundaries and organise better so I can significantly decrease the level of stress and level up my energy.

Today I wake up rested, after 7-8 hours of sleep, my life is simplified and the level of stress is much lower.

Larisa is your best coach if you want to do the wisest healthy choices and get disciplined. She will fire up your ambition to live in the best way possible without spending endless resources.

Andreea Funieru, Communication Expert

“From ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ to ‘Now is the best time”

I kept postponing any healthy habit from eating better to working out. I wanted a different lifestyle without procrastination and also getting back in shape while doing it.

Through daily check ins & follow up I was able to incorporate in my day to day schedule the gym hour (at least 3 times per week) and control what I had on my plate at every single meal until it became a way of living.

Today I’m disciplined, self-confident and keep the promises I make to myself

Larisa is an amazing motivator and inspires everyone she interacts with to become the best version of themselves. ‘Discipline is freedom not punishment’ is one of her favourite quotes that I borrowed and love. Get out of your comfort zone while working with her! I bet you will enjoy the results.

Doina Stefan, Senior Manager

You don’t need another nutrition book; another app or another celebrity turned health guru telling you what to do.

You need a program that’s custom made for you and goes beyond one-size-fits-all.




A 6-months step by step systematic approach that will get you to the root causes of what’s preventing you from looking and feeling your best





A 6-months step by step systematic approach that will get you to the root causes of what’s preventing you from looking and feeling your best


and …

The first-ever epigenetic reverse aging program made to measure from your DNA

One that helps you prevent aging and become CONFIDENT in your midlife years so you can finally stop wondering

… if that new trendy diet out there will work this time,

… if that new fancy overnight cream will really reduce your wrinkles

… or that sleeping pill or supplement will have any effect on your energy.


  • No more emotional eating, nasty cravings and yo-yo dieting
  • No more sleepless nights and energy depleted days
  • No more spending hours at the gym wondering why the pounds aren’t falling off
  • No more fatigue after 8 hours of sleep + stressful days
  • No more anti-aging creams with no effect
  • No more meal replacement shakes that taste like fermented cardboard

THIS, and more can be treated + reversed by understanding your genetic code.


Gives you:

  • The right ingredients for YOUR genetical makeup
  • The right formulations to effortlessly improve the way you look + feel
  • In the right order
  • Science based and non invasive (and most importantly, NON-weird!)

Paired up with:

  • A mind-GLOWing curriculum
  • Me holding you accountable
  • And a closed group of like-minded women to share your journey with 

so that you will:

  • Effortlessly shed those pounds and keep them off, without starving
  • Wake up in the morning with glowing skin + full of energy
  • Prevent future midlife symptoms such as hair loss, sagging skin, brain + memory function and more!

Through the use of science backed DNA analysis (completely pain free) you’ll be given a tailored structure that is yours to keep.


Your DNA doesn’t change, and neither does your ‘age-reversal-code’.

GLOW’rious Mastermind is for you if:

  • You diet but you can’t maintain your weight
  • You tried every product but you still struggle with your skin
  • You have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
  • You can’t focus during the day 

Let’s shed a decade off your face and body so you can turn heads wherever you go.

Are you excited yet?


These GLOW’rious women went from being tired, overweight and sugar addicted to feeling confident and sizzle with energy.

“Larisa was the best long-term investment I could possibly do”

I am incredulous and amazed that everything Larisa taught me worked so well! She solved my sugar addiction and made me lose 14 kg effortlessly and at the pace I wanted.

Before starting to work with Larisa, the level of tiredness was unbeatable with two kids, one being a toddler. I thought I would never be able to give up sugar and had accepted being tired is normal.

She provided me an efficient holistic system for organising my life, which made me feel more in control and motivated to take care of myself. No suffering, effort, hunger or any other kind of discomfort whatsoever.

Today I feel happy, less tired and more efficient, I put myself first and make the best choices for me with full confidence. A perseverance I did not know I had.

Katia D. Vandenbremt, Communication Expert

“Larisa helped me look fabulous in my wedding dress”

When I first met Larisa I was preparing for my wedding while struggling  with addictions for pastries and sweets. I was betting on short term ineffective diets, experiencing yo-yo, then over again.

She gave me a large variety of healthy ideas, but also tasty meals and food combinations to be incorporated in my daily routine, without getting frustrated that I am on a fixed diet. She taught me how to manage ‘cheat meals’ without gaining weight and delicious healthier alternatives to replace refined sugar.

Everything was easy to integrate on the long term.

Larisa is a warm, supportive person and a real help for women who struggle with nutritional problems and extra weight.

Alexandra Popa, EU funds Expert

In 6 months I’ll show you how to be in control of your health & wellbeing and watch years slip away.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

month one


Sugar cravings, extra weight, moodiness, lack of sleep, lack of focus, brain fog or waning sex drive are signs that your hormones have begun to turn against you which sets a vicious cycle of inflammation and a difficulty regulating the hormones that help you burn fat.
At the end of this month your key metabolic hormones will be completely reset.

month two


Stress is in the eye of the beholder. Even though stress is based on external factors, it’s our internal response to the external stressors that matter the most. By the end of this month you will learn how to be wired to take on other’s needs without sacrificing your own. It’s time to set boundaries and properly address the body-mind connection.

month three


Time to say goodbye to all those trendy diets that never work on the long run. Dieting is a losing strategy. Instead of approaching weight loss from a dieting mindset (and gain more weight over time), you will make it your primary goal to discover and implement your very unique diet and let weight loss follow as a natural side effect. You will start eating according your genes. Healthy anti-aging nutrition, personalized with your favorite foods.

month four


Mental, emotional, physical performance is affected by the quality of your sleep. Sleep is a force multiplier. It has the power to magnify the results you get from food and movement. At the end of this month you will be able to see dramatic results in the quality of your sleep by implementing your tailor made strategy, from supplements to diet and environment.

month five


Every day is a new opportunity to build a new you. Stop trying to fit into a generic sport routine. A training plan should be custom made for you if you want to achieve long lasting results. At the end of this month, you will know what are the 5 best sports for you; you will have your DNA training diet with custom meals, supplements and tailor made programs so you can train smarter.

month six

Your skin is aging faster than ever. Increased consumption of processed food, sedentary lifestyle and overwhelming stress are all feeding this process. At the end of this month you will get an easy-to-follow personal blueprint for fixing your skin problems and prevent the aging process, from your DNA skincare foods to your DNA skincare dietary supplements and self-care regimen. No more over the counter skincare, just the best skincare regimen good for you. It’s made to measure from your DNA. It’s effective. It’s unique.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Customized Plan

  • Genomic report, proving your unique genetic and metabolic association matrix (value $1,000)
  • Personalized Epigenetic Plan. This is your user’s manual for life. (value $1,500)
  • 2 private intensive sessions in which we set your health intentions and discuss the strategy to get there (value $1,500)

value $4,000

Direct access to me

You’ll have direct access to my health & beauty expertise for six months.

During those months I’ll answer all your questions; from healthy eating to sleep, skincare or stress.

All inside the private mastermind community

value $5,000

A GLOW’rious Community

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.’

GLOW’rious Mastermind will grant you access to a community of like-minded ambitious women committed to a healthier mind-GLOW’ing life full of ease, beauty and joy. They will support you on your journey, celebrate your wins and be there for you if you stumble along the way. With me heading the pack.

value $1,500

24 weekly actionable video trainings

Weekly video trainings with practical processes and tools that I’ve only shared with my private clients until now. Dripped in your Teachable mastermind portal with lifetime access.

They are easy to be digested and come with supporting audio files, quizzes, cheat sheets and exercises. The best news? You can use them whenever you like. They are yours for life!


value $2,600

13 customised

Twice a month, we’ll all meet live in a Zoom room for a group coaching session. During our one hour virtual session you’ll be supported with clear and customised action steps so that all your objectives will be reached. During this session you can ask me anything from

  • How do you change your skincare regimen
  • How can you pair up your supplements
  • What type of food should you buy
  • How do you make sure you do the right exercise

value $2,900

Weekly #ASK thread

Once a week I answer all your questions and help you simplify and speed-up all your health & beauty decisions. Via Facebook lives or in writing.

value $1,000

accountability coach

I’ll thoughtfully pair you up with the perfect person to hold you accountable for your daily decisions from the food you eat to the overall steps you take.

value $3,000

Total Value: Over $20,000

Your investment:

a FRACTION of the value you receive.


“Larisa solved my anxiety and created a smart system so I can focus on my MBA”

I started changing things in the very first day after registering in Larisa’s program from meal organization to cold cutting sugar, early bedtimes, time for workouts and daily reading. All while taking care of my toddler son and learning for an MBA that was part of my dream list.

Today my level of anxiety is significantly reduced, I am satisfied with my decisions, confident and overall more positive and full of energy during the day.

If you are a woman who want to gain confidence and control over her life you don’t want to miss Larisa’s recommendations and advice. They will change your behaviour around health for life.

Danielida Vlaicu, Finance Professional

“Everything Larisa does is pure GOLD!”

Larisa will always be a part of my transformation. She is my main source of inspiration and feminine power because she has endless energy and a wonderful personality.

She is a true ambitious and hard working professional, dedicated, extremely generous, honest with herself and others, which makes her fearless and stronger than many other women.

Larisa always has an outstanding approach in what she does. She knows how to grow a community of women, helping them to become stronger and irresistible. She knows how to educate with candor, authenticity and generosity! I don’t know anyone able and willing to do this like she does.

Larisa has an amazing stamina and sincerity! She is authentic!

Catalina Neacsu, Life Coach

Is this the quickest way to become CONFIDENT in your midlife years?

And the permission to put yourself FIRST?

I’ll show you how to get there.

(without exhausting beauty regimens or plastic surgery)

Get ready to UPGRADE your entire health, become an IRRESISTIBLE woman and see your body transform within months!


@2020 Larisa Petrini International All Rights Reserved